Training Class Schedule

Course TitleStart Date
Critical Incident Stress Management: Group & Individual Class 9/20/2021
Crime Scene Photography: Essentials 9/27/2021
Recruiting and Applicant Background Investigations 9/27/2021
Evidence Processing - Crime Scene to Courtroom Basics 9/29/2021
Management and Supervision of Investigative Units 9/29/2021
Evidence Storage and Management: Operations and Best Practices 10/1/2021
Leadership for Law Enforcement 10/1/2021
Mastering Today's Street Interviews: 20/20 Vision 10/7/2021
Courtroom Success: Preparing for Today's Homicide and High Profile Cases 10/8/2021
Basic & Intermediate Undercover Techniques & Survival 10/11/2021
Advanced “Real Life Practical Scenario” Undercover Techniques and 10/18/2021
Glock Armorer 10/19/2021
Advanced Armorer Course 10/20/2021
Examination of Simultaneous Impressions 11/16/2021
Instructor Development 11/29/2021

For Greater Spokane Emergency Management Training Opportunities, please visit the Greater Spokane Emergency Management website.