Lost and Found Pet Form

Use the Lost And Found Form below to submit information about a lost pet or a pet your have found. The information you submit will be reviewed by the SCRAPS staff as soon as possible. Approved submissions will be posted on the SCRAPS Lost and Found Pets page for 30 days. Your contact information will be posted directly on our website.

SCRAPS is NOT responsible for matching any pet posted on this site with animals that may be at our shelter or at another shelter in our area. Please see our Impounded Animals page for information regarding animals currently at our shelter as well as links to other area shelters.

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Lost Found Pet Information

Lost or Found
Select lost if you are missing a pet, or found if you believe you have found someone's missing pet. 
Pet Name
Your missing pet's name (or found pet's name if know). 
Pet Type
Pet type is required. If you select "other", please enter pet type in the identifying marks field. 
Pet Breed
Enter the breed of the lost (or found) pet if known. 
Pet Color
Enter the color of the lost (or found) pet. 
Identifying Marks
Enter any identifying marks of the lost (or found) pet. 

Your Contact Information

Your contact information will be posted directly to our website if your report is approved.

Your Name
Your first and last name are required.  
Email Address
Your email address is required. 
Confirm your Email Address
Please confirm your email address. 
Phone Number
Your daytime phone number is required in 999-999-9999 format. 

Lost (or Found) Details

Lost/Found Date
Enter the date when your pet went missing or the found pet was discovered. Select the date from the pop up calendar or enter it in MM/DD/YYYY format. 
Enter the general location, street address, or intersection where your pet went missing or the found pet was discovered. Any other helpful details about the incident can be included here. 
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