THIS IS NOT A POLICE REPORT. To file a police report and get a report number call Crime check at (509) 456-2233 or online at If you have already filed a police report please provide the report number in the form below.

What to do When a Loved One is Missing

Before you fill out our Missing Person Form please review the following helpful information.
  1. Report them missing to local law enforcement. Be persistent, do not take NO for an answer, and request an incident number. There is NO required waiting period for Washington State (see the Washington State Attorney General's Office Missing Persons Pamphlet). Provide them with the following information:
    1. Full name, date of birth, and social security number
    2. Biological profile (age, sex, race, statue, weight, build)
    3. Hair color and distribution
    4. Eye Color
    5. Scars (surgical, accidental, intentional, etc.), birthmarks, tattoos
    6. Clothing and jewelry description
    7. Glasses or contact lens
    8. If male: Circumcision?
    9. If female: where was last pap performed?
    10. Any anomalies? (any missing body parts, unusual feature, etc.)
    11. Has the individual been finger printed? Incarcerated? Applied for a gun permit?
    12. Missing individual's cell phone number and carrier name
  2. Dentist: provide dentist name, address, and phone number.
    1. In order to maintain chain of custody, do Not pick-up records or X-rays.
  3. Provide medical history: (diabetic, drug user)
  4. Doctor Offices and Hospitals:
    1. Provide primary physician's name, address, and phone number
    2. Provide any information of radiographs, scans, MRI, X-rays, ETC.
  5. Save all sources of DNA: hair brush, tooth brush, razor, mouth guard, underwear, eye glasses, etc. -Place in clean bag and store in dry cool area.
  6. Provide picture: most recent, front view while smiling with mouth open (teeth visible) and side profile view.
  7. File missing person report in the National Missing Persons and Unidentified System (NAMUS):

Your Contact Information

Your First Name
Your First Name is required. 
Your Last Name
Your Last Name is required. 
Email Address
Your email address is required. 
Confirm your Email Address
Please confirm your email address. 
Phone Number
Your daytime phone number is required in 999-999-9999 format. 
Police Report Number
The local law enforcement missing person report number.  

Missing Person Information

Please provide as much information as possible about the missing person you are reporting. Some fields like height and weight can be approximations.

Missing Person First Name
Missing Person First Name is required. 
Missing Person Name
Missing Person Last Name is required. 
Address is required. If homeless just state homeless. 
Missing Person Cell Number
Missing Person Cell Phone Number in (999) 999-9999 format. 
Missing Person Cell Carrier
Missing Person Cell Phone Carrier. 
Sex (M/F)
Sex (M/F) is required. 
Please indicate if the missing person is circumcized. If you do not know, select "unknown". 
Race is required. If you select "other", please enter race in the ?? field. 
Age is required. 
Date of Birth is required. 
Height is required. 
Weight is required. 
Stature is required. Please describe the missing persons's build ie: small frame, large frame, etc. 
Eye Color
Eye Color is required. 
Glasses / Contact Lenses
Does the missing person wear corrective lenses, either glasses or contacts? 
Hair Color and Distribution
Describe the missing person's hair including color, distribution, length. 
Facial Hair
Describe the missing person's facial hair including color and distribution. 
Describe tattoos, if any, that the missing person has including location on the body. 
Describe any scars that the missing person has including location on the body. 
Describe any anomalies, ie: unusual features or missing body parts. 

Dental Work (Y/N)
If you select yes, please provide a description in the dental work box including which teeth were worked on and the name and location of the Dentist(s). 
The dentist of the missing person including name and the location of the location of the practice. 
Surgical Procedures
Describe any surgical procedures the missing person had including the name and location of the Surgeon and Hospital(s).  
Primary Physician
The primary physician of the missing person had including name and the location of the location of the practice.  
Medical History
The medical history of the missing person including prescriptions, conditions, drug use. 
Military History (Y/N)
Has the missing person every been in the military or fingerprinted for military purposes? 
Gun Permit (Y/N)
Has the missing person ever applied for a gun permit?  

Criminal History (Y/N)
Has the missing person been arrested or have a criminal history? If yes, where and when? 
Last Seen Date
Enter the date when the missing person was last seen. Select the date from the pop up calendar or enter it in MM/DD/YYYY format. 
Clothing and Jewelry
Describe the clothing and jewelry that the missing person was wearing the last time you saw them. 
Explain the circumstances surrounding the last time you saw them. 
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