Fill out the form completely then use the Submit button at the bottom, to process the form. The court will advise you of the result of the hearing by return e-mail. Please look at the Notice of hearing you received to complete the Mitigation Information section of this form.

If you have questions see the Traffic Mitigation Page for more information.

Mitigation Information help
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You will find your ticket number at the top of your ticket as shown below.

Finding your ticket number on your traffic ticket

To be eligible for E-Mitigation you must meet the following criteria:

  • You must have already received a hearing date from Spokane County District Court
  • Your hearing date is at least 7 business days from today
  • Your violation does not require submission of documents (i.e. proof of insurance, proof of disabled placard/id card, etc.)

The following violations can not be reduced:

  • Speeding in School Zone / Playground
  • Speeding in Construction Zone
  • Driving Without Proof of Liability Insurance
  • No Valid Operator's License 2nd Degree
  • Handicap Parking Violations

Note: Fill out and submit a separate mitigation form for each violation.

To see if you qualify for a reduction for a ticket issued within Spokane County, contact Spokane County District Court at (509) 477-4770 ext. 5

A hearing date is obtained when you mark the hearing option on the back of your ticket, sign, and return the paper to the court, either via mail or in person.

Ticket Mitigation is when you admit to committing the violation(s) but would like to be considered for a reduction in fines. During this process you may comment on your side of the story. You understand that this ticket can appear on your driving record if "TRAFFIC" is checked on the front. Parking tickets are civil infractions which do not appear on your driving record.

The following are example reductions if you qualify for a reduction under Mitigation Guidelines:

  • $113 reduced to $95
  • $124 reduced to $100
  • $216 reduced to $175
  • $224 reduced to $180
  • $550 reduced to $440

Please contact: District Court at (509) 477-4770, ext. 5