The bulk of the Assessor Counter Maps were scanned and archived on December 30, 2005. The maps scanned on March 21, 2005 were retired at that time, and not scanned again in December. However, you may find later (computer generated) maps in the December offering for the same area as an earlier (manually drafted) map that was retired in March.

The map of Spokane County is divided into rows and columns called townships and ranges. The rows are townships with 21 as the southernmost and 29 as the northernmost. The columns are ranges with the westernmost as 40 and the easternmost as 45. As an example the southwest corner (bottom-left) of the county would be township 21 and range 40. The northwest corner (top-right) would be township 29 and range 45. Each township/range coordinate is broken up further into sections, and there are a total of 36 sections.

Spokane County’s historical hand drawn maps were created in one of three map scales, depending on the detail needed to display the data.
• City parcels “City” were created on quarter section size Mylar at 100 feet to the inch.
• Plated parcels outside of municipalities “Outside Platted or OP” were created on half section maps at 200 feet to the inch.
• Parcels that were not platted were called “Range Parcels” and were depicted as entire sections at 400’ to the inch. Some sections such as those bounded by the Sixth Standard Parallel were so long that two Mylar’s were necessary to depict the entire section on the North – South axis.

All “archived” maps presented are initially organized by Township and Range, and when opened have the following subjects.
• Section#Rge.pdf – [(eg. 08Rge.pdf) (May occasionally have a suffix (eg. 08Rgeb.pdf) which indicates a second map] See “Range Parcels” in preceding bullets section.
• Section#Rge.pdf – [(eg. 08NHALF.pdf –or- 08SHALF.pdf)] See “Outside Platted or OP” in preceding bullets section.
• Section#NECITY.pdf – [(eg 06NECITY.pdf – or 06SWCITY.pdf)] See “City” in preceding bullets section.