Welcome to the Spokane County Superior Court Jury System

If you are currently serving as a Juror, please scroll down below to view the Call Group information.

If you have recently received a summons to serve on Jury Duty in Spokane County Superior Court, you can use this site to do the following:

  • RESPOND to the Summons
  • Have the opportunity to RESCHEDULE to another date
  • Learn how to request a hardship EXCUSAL
  • Learn about the CALL IN PROCEDURE
  • Notify the Court about special needs you may have during your Jury Duty (wheelchair, hearing impairment, etc)
  • For jurors who recently reported for Jury Duty, you may review your service history

To learn more about jury duty, visit the Jury Duty Notice page at the Spokane County web site.

If requesting an excusal please submit it no later than TWO WEEKS prior to your service date.

Call Groups

The following Call Groups should report for jury duty on Tuesday, May 21, 2019:
  • No additional call groups are needed today.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: The Superior Court DOES NOT require any additional jurors for Tuesday, May 21st. All Jurors please check this website again on Tuesday evening after 5:30 p.m. to see if you are needed for possible service on Wednesday, May 22nd.

Thank you.

Check back after 5:30pm for the next day's call groups.