This is an entire list of all properties available for sale. They include properties purchased by the County and Tax Title Properties (Properties that were foreclosed on, and no one bid on them). These two groups of properties are sold in two different ways. County Property is sold for the Appraised Value. Tax Title Properties are sold for the Assessed Value.   

If you wish to purchase a County Property you must fill out the County's Purchase and Sale Agreement and turn it in to the Property Manager(Deborah) (509) 477-3600. She will then set up a Public Hearing in which the Board of County Commissioners will consider your offer and any other offers that the Board may receive at that meeting either verbally or in writing on the County's Purchase and Sale Agreement (yes, it becomes an auction). At the next Tuesday meeting of the Board they will decide which offer they are accepting.

If you wish to purchase a Tax Title Property you can call (509) 477-3600 or write Deborah [email protected] to set up a time for you to purchase the Property over the Counter, unless that property is currently scheduled to go for auction, then you will have to go to the auction. Make sure you fully research the property before you buy it, because all sales are final. To research a property you will have to talk to the Planning Dept of the Jurisdiction it is located in.  They will be able to tell you if it is a buildable lot, whether there are utilities available, etc.

Property # 45191.0906 & 45202.0528 - Dishman and Appleway - Surplus Property

Property # 51293.9010 - 0.61 acres - Tax Title