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All Data Below Current As Of Friday, October 22, 2021

ParcelSite AddressCityTile ReportAmount
02052.909528110 W BOSTON RDCHENEYView$5,659
05354.902122706 W ELM LNMEDICAL LAKEView$6,942
07242.9016Unassigned AddressNine Mile FallsView$2,597
14184.2410Unassigned AddressMedical LakeView$2,158
15261.142412525 W 18TH AVEAIRWAY HEIGHTSView$3,412
24222.04065918 W Spring StMarshallView$5,688
24353.9072Unassigned AddressCheneyView$826
25131.51061801 W MALLON AVESPOKANEView$2,790
25262.06074301 W SUNSET BLVDSPOKANEView$192,990
28024.22061321 E EVERGREEN STDEER PARKView$8,601
29164.90106616 W MASON RDDEER PARKView$7,121
29263.90064020 W ENOCH RDDEER PARKView$2,334
32041.0503310 N ASHSPANGLEView$5,279
35042.25091720 E RICH AVESPOKANEView$30,313
35052.2401560 E RICH AVESPOKANEView$12,648
35073.21051311 W NORTHWEST BLVDSPOKANEView$8,830
35162.38101703 E MALLON AVESPOKANEView$7,653
35164.27102307 E SPRAGUE AVESPOKANEView$5,057
35203.0215723 S GRANT STSPOKANEView$4,207
35221.21093812 E 4TH AVESPOKANEView$10,624
35222.4609619 S RALPH STSPOKANEView$8,512
35223.14033178 E 9TH AVESPOKANEView$1,364
35232.13044908 E 1ST AVESPOKANEView$3,078
35234.91425502 E 8th AveSpokane ValleyView$3,602
35241.26216807 E 5TH AVESPOKANEView$5,711
35243.2104Unassigned AddressSpokane ValleyView$5,631
35291.17161221 E 20TH AVESPOKANEView$13,692
35333.07121403 E THURSTON AVESPOKANEView$11,093
36342.12155804 N REGAL STSPOKANEView$5,192
36343.30073011 E WELLESLEY AVESPOKANEView$598,761
36344.03213829 E EVERETT AVESPOKANEView$4,101
37341.16170 ADDRESS UNKNOWNSPOKANEView$13,831
44244.9032Unassigned AddressMicaView$856
45133.031015820 E BROADWAY AVEVERADALEView$39,500
45142.1017906 N BEST RDSPOKANEView$18,162
45183.91567807 E SPRAGUE AVESPOKANEView$3,419
45184.0639515 N SARGENT RDSPOKANEView$23,257
45201.111510421 E 6TH AVESPOKANEView$14,512
45213.12031219 S SKIPWORTH RDSPOKANEView$14,326
45243.030915906 E 14TH AVESPOKANEView$25,795
46314.08105307 N ARGONNE LN #10SPOKANEView$12,286
46353.03170 .UNKNOWNSPOKANE VALLEYView$5,134
49182.90108204 E VALLEY RDELKView$7,146
51304.0903126 E MARKET STLATAHView$928
51304.1309102 W MARKET STLATAHView$3,909
51304.1310Unassigned AddressLatahView$867
53332.0609Unassigned AddressRockfordView$898
55192.101017210 E COACH DRGREENACRESView$4,231
55192.1014124 S BELL STGREENACRESView$8,034
56134.90919724 N MCCOY RDSPOKANEView$22,236
56351.010724590 E DALKE AVEOTIS ORCHARDSView$7,292