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Risk Management

Spokane County has adopted risk management principles in order to protect the health, safety and welfare of its employees and the citizens it serves; to protect its property, assets, and other resources; and to maintain the reputation and good standing in the wider community.

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Steve Bartel Director
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Direct and in-direct costs associated with preventable employee injuries negatively impacts the County's effectiveness in completing operations and services provided to the public. Regardless of whether the injured worker seeks medical treatment or not, all employee work-related injuries are required to be reported to the Risk Management Department who investigate and analyze each occurrence to determine all factors involved and determine the root cause. Once determined, the Loss Control Specialists conduct hazard assessments, provide loss prevention method/technique recommendations to the appropriate department for implementation consideration and than monitor the results.


Reducing the frequency of preventable injuries will assist departments in maintaining the appropriate staffing needed to perform key operations, provide services to the public while reducing workers compensation costs.

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Reduction of Preventable Employee Injuries