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Water Resources

The Water Resources Section collaborates with the schools in our area to provide outstanding educational programs and activities focused on the protection and conservation of water, our most precious resource. In addition, the staff performs studies, prepares plans, and carries out sampling and testing programs designed to improve our understanding of the groundwater and surface water throughout our region.

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Kevin R. Cooke, P.E. Environmental Services Director
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This graph displays:

(1) the Actual Number of Educational Outreach Events (blue bar),
(2) the Goal for Number of Events (green line) and
(3) the Number of Contact Hours (black dot/line).

The graph is a summary of three (3) types of events:

-- Focused educational programs at the Water Resource Education Center
-- Tours of the Spokane County Regional Water Reclamation Facility
-- Off-site events (e.g., classrooms, community events, presentations) where staff provide education services.

Left Y-axis is Number of Events. Right Y-axis is Number of Contact Hours.
The Number of Contact hours is calculated taking # of attendees x hours of face-to-face time.
Replacing a PT educator with a FT educator in May 2019 is expected to improve 2020 outreach.


Community outreach and education is a key component of the mission of Spokane County Environmental Services. Spokane County residents recognize the value of protecting the area's sole-source drinking water aquifer, the Spokane Valley-Rathdrum Prairie Aquifer, and support these education programs through a voter-approved Aquifer Protection Area fee. Tracking the number and type of educational events is an effective way to monitor the existing community outreach program and to plan for improvements.

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Water Resources Education Outreach - 2020