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Citizens contact our Food Safety Coordinator to get answers regarding their food safety and preservation questions. We track the types of questions and number of calls manually.


Tracking the annual increase in inquiries regarding food safety and preservation has shown this service to be one utilized by our county residents. The uptick in calls during power outages caused by weather events shows Extension as a key County partner in assisting clients to make safe choices regarding food safety.

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This summary offers a window onto the combined value of the WSU Extension volunteer hours invested in the youth and citizenry of Spokane County. Beginning in 2011, when volunteer hours were first collected, baseline numbers were set. Our goal is to increase service to the county citizens in line with population growth. The volunteer hours reporting data-base is accessible to all trained Spokane Extension Volunteers. Data are summarized at the end of each quarter. The WSU Spokane County Extension Office uses the Independent Sector “average value” of a volunteer hour to calculate the worth of volunteer hours reported. Reporting hours is required in the Spokane Master Gardener Program. In the 4-H Program, it is strongly encouraged, but not required. Therefore these annual totals are actually less than the grand total number of annual hours donated by WSU Spokane County Master Gardener and 4-H Volunteers.


The WSU Extension Master Gardener and 4-H Programs are led by Extension Faculty and Staff. However, the faculty and staff leading these programs is a very small group. Hence both programs—in daily delivery mode--run on “volunteer power.” This graphic reflects the value of the donation of personal time that our Trained WSU Spokane volunteers given an annual basis since 2012. We look forward to maintaining our momentum assisting clients at or above the population growth rate!

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Food Safety & Preservation Calls
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Value of WSU Extension Volunteer Hours